Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Duration of the course : The program is designed for a duration of 1 month and will only focus primarily on intraday trading however the learning can be applied to short term trading as well. The program includes access to whole course content viewable on my website as per your convenience. 2 webinars (1 Hours or more Each ) on weekends will be taken by me for query handling. I will be sharing stock picks as per my stock selection in the Trading Room , people who have enrolled for the training program will get a free access to the same free of charge for 2 months. At EOD , I shall share charts of the stocks traded for the day with training group , this will ensure better understanding of the trades and will also help you understand live application of my strategy.

  2. Fee : Fee for the 1 month program is ₹ 10,000/- payable upfront ( Non refundable + Non transferable) 

  3. Methodology : Upon joining , the student is added to my training group (on telegram) . Details on how to access the course material and details of the QnA webinar schedule will also be shared there only. The webinar is going to be two way communication and the mentees are expected to be interactive . The course content (video lessons) would be accessible from the website for viewing only

  4. Batches : There is no limit to the number of students in a batch. 

  5. Course :  The program is designed keeping in mind both traders with moderate to little experience and  beginners.  

  6. Post Completion : Post the completion of the course contents, a student will be in a position to understand price action and apply my setup and strategies in Intraday Trading. 

  7. Capital Requirement : Post completion a student can start trading with a capital of ₹ 50,000/-   -  70,000/- with predefined risk and along with discipline for consistent gains. 

  8. Expectations : Do not join this course if you are in search for a holy grail to crack the market. The program is realistically designed to educate the student in analyzing trends and take corresponding trades for decent consistent returns. The  participants are expected to learn and  practice the technique, as there is no substitute to hard-work for success in the stock market. After the completion of the program a student  would have developed a better in depth understanding of the price action by looking at charts and applying this knowledge to become a disciplined trader with predefined risk and rewards. 

  9. Medium : The program will be conducted in English .

  10. Refunds : The fee once paid is non refundable and non transferable. 

  11. My expertise is in Options buying , if you wish to become an options seller than this program wont be beneficial for you. 

  12. Others : Any one can join the program irrespective of their present knowledge and there are no pre requirements for attending and gaining from the mentorship program. I will only be sharing my actual trades and no tips will be provided.I am not a SEBI registered investment advisor, the trades will be shared for educational purpose only and I will not be responsible for the outcome of the trade. 

  13. Legal action would be taken for any and all acts of piracy /  duplication / distribution of the course contents and video elements. Any trainers / resellers / or parties with other such vested interests will be removed from the group without any notice or refunds immediately on discovery.