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Gurukul Mentorship

What is Gurukul Perpetual

Gurukul is a mentorship program for system based intraday trading. Members in Perpetual group get access to 30 hours of well indexed pre recorded video lesson plans. These recordings are from a live interactive batch with QnA at the end of the video.

How does one learn ?

Members get access to the video lessons and have access to a live discussion telegram channel where they can interact with the mentor and other fellow traders. Members can watch the video lessons at their leisure and clear doubts in the weekly Zoom session with the mentor.

Why join Gurukul ?

Newbie traders , Discretionary Traders who are looking for a dependable trading system and want to improve their Intraday Trading skills in a systematic way.Emphasis during the sessions would be on Options Trading.

Will it work for me ?

As long as you have a computer , an internet connection , a good work ethic and sufficient trading capital , it can work for you. We have trained thousands of successful traders who with the use of our system and rules have become consistent earners.

How does it work ?

On registration , members get added to our private telegram channel,get access to our system on trading view and get access to video lesson library on Cosmofeed.

What will be the duration ?

A member will have access to our system on tradingview and access to video lessons for 1 month. In the past some members started showing positive results within a week of the program and some took a month to understand the system and rules. You can learn and implement at your own pace

What will you get ?

  • Access to the following for 1 Month

    • Access to our System Indicators on TradingView ( Monthly cost 3299 p.m. if taken separately)

    • Access to Pre Recorded Video Lessons on Cosmofeed Platform

    • Private Telegram Channel where daily stock selection watchlist and market outlook is shared.

    • Interactive Discussion Channel on Telegram.

  • Course Contents

    • Trading System Orientation

    • Basics of Price Action

    • Candlestick Analysis

    • Demand and Supply Analysis

    • Instrument Analysis

    • Multi Time Frame Analysis

    • Futures and Options Trading + Greeks

    • Multi time Frame Index Trading with component Analysis

    • Commodities Trading

    • Scalping

    • Risk Management

    • Trading Psychology

    • Average duration of video lectures - 2.5 hours

    • Language - English

What will you not get ?

  • Trading Tips or Recommendations

  • Get rich quick scheme or a holy grail

  • Logic and code of our proprietary system

Joining Process

On Successful payment , you will receive the joining links on SMS/Watsapp (To Join the Telegram Channel). In case you face problems in joining our telegram channel you can contact us on telegram.  (@learner_nb)


You will be given access to our system on trading-view within 2 hours of receipt of payment.

How to Access Video Lessons

You can watch the pre recorded video lessons or videos to the missed weekend interaction sessions on Cosmofeed Web Platform or from their app on your mobile or tablet device.

WebLink - to

Instruction on how to watch the videos on your mobile device - Video Instructions

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