Havana Index Options

  • Live Options Trading in Nifty Weekly Options ( Options Buying )

  • Post On boarding members are added to our private telegram channel.

  • Daily Nifty Levels and Trade plan would be shared in the morning in the telegram channel.

  • Clear Entry Point , 3 Targets and Stop Loss level will be communicated on Telegram Channel with a Risk Reward of 1:3 - 1:5 ( Calculated on achievement of Target 3)

  • Trades and views will be taken and shared based on triggers from our price action system , analysis of Index Components and Asset co-relation.

  • Trades will be taken only on confluence of our studies and its not necessary that we will share a trade daily.

  • When the market is not suitable for Options Buying , trades will be shared in Nifty Futures Contracts.

  • There will be no carry forward trades , the approach would be strictly directional Intraday Trading .

  • The service is monthly subscription based and does not include access to our Price Action System or Daily Stock Selection. Payment once done is non refundable and non transferable.


  • Trainers and people with other vested interests of re broadcasting / duplicating the content shared in the service. On discovery they will be removed with no refunds.

  • If your trade execution speed is not fast enough to handle the fast paced Index Trades.

  • If you are under capitalized ( Minimum Capital Required to take 3 lots of Nifty Weekly Options is 65,000 , along with that there should be sufficient buffer to keep targets and stop loss in the system and on occasions where stop loss is being hit - there should be sufficient margin available with the client to re-initiate the setups if need be)