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HiPro Indicator on GoCharting

  • Plug and Play Automated Indicator suite that works on GoCharting Platform.

  • Populates demand and supply zones along with a point of control  each day post market opening.

  • Plots a Bullish and Bearish Breakout Zone on charts post market opening.

  • Populates pivots based on our proprietary calculations.

  • Generates automatic Buy and Sell Signals.

  • Works on Stocks,Options,Futures,Index,Commodities, Crypto,Currencies and all symbols available on GoCharting.

  • Advanced Information Bar with 6 separate price action studies running simultaneously.

  • Well Defined Entry and Exit Strategy, both for Buy and Sell Trades.

  • Dynamic Live Trend Score -

    • Aids in Entering trades with higher probability

    • Aids in Exiting a trade in time when the score changes 

    • Avoiding lower probability trades / traps

  • Pre Defined Buy/Sell/Reversal/Swing  Zones on Charts.

  • Advanced Candle Bars - separate treatment for candles with higher momentum , plotted with different color on chart.

  • Along with Access to the Indicator , user gets access to our custom RSI panel as well.

  • This is a subscription only service and System Source code , design schema is proprietary and wont be shared in any form.

Rule based systematic trading

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