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What is the HiPro Price Action Indicator?

HiPro is a paid price action indicator suite available for usage on TradingView Platform. The indicator operates smoothly on both free and paid TradingView accounts.

The Indicator generates “Buy” (Long) and “Sell” signals along with our proprietary bullish/bearish breakout zones and custom pivots for target and stop loss planning.

Like all price action dependent indicators, the indicator is also a lagging indicator. However with 17 core functions analyzing live price action, the indicator ensures high accuracy while generating a signal.

The indicator works on all charts available on the TradingView platform, be it Stocks ,Futures , Commodities , Forex Pairs and even Crypto.


Time frame to be used for individual symbols

Index and Stocks – 15/5 Minutes Multi Time frame

Commodities and Forex – 15/5 Minutes Multi Time frame

Crypto Currencies – 30 Minutes Time frame

1. Introduction


2. Package Inclusions

What all is included in the HiPro Indicator Package ?


  • Automated Price Action Indicator

  • Live Stock Screener

  • Custom RSI Panel

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3. Add the Indicators to your Charts on TradingView

The Indicators Work both in free and paid Tradingview Accounts. Just follow the following 3 steps to add the Indicators to your charts







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4. Design

  • A – Information Panel

  • B - Trade Signal ( Buy / Sell )

  • C - Bullish/Bearish Reversal Alert

  • D - Swing High / Low

  • E - Book Profit Levels

    • LBP - Long Book Profit Level

    • SBP - Short Book Profit Level

  • F - BPOC , Point of Control Line

  • G - Bullish Breakout Zone

  • H - Bearish Breakout Zone

  • I - BLR Moving Average Line

  • J - Sentiment Moving Average Line

  • K - Pivot Lines

  • L –Volume Breakout Bullish Candle (Blue)

  • M -Volume Breakout Bearish Candle (Maroon)

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5. Information Panel


 TS - Trend Score , range will vary between -0.4 to 4.4 . With a higher Trend Score one can expect bullishness and with a lower trend score a bearish trend will be in action. To initiate a trade 2 levels have to observed

  • Buy Signal - Trend Score has to be greater than or equal to 2.2

  • Sell Signal - Trend Score has to be lesser than or equal to 1.8

For Long Trades a trend score of 4 signifies overbought levels.

For Short Trades a trend score of 0.5 and below signifies oversold levels.

A change in trend score while being in a trade can also aid in early exits from risky setups.

RSI – Shows the current relative strength value

+DI – Shows the current positive average directional index value

-DI – Shows the current negative average directional index value

Momentum– Shows the current momentum of the trend and might give 5 alternatives

  • No Trade Zone

  • Weak Trend

  • Trend Initiation (Start of Reversal)

  • Strong Trend

  • Strong + Trend Breakout

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6. Setup Confluence Points

For a user to take a trade, following rules have to be followed to execute a trade


Buy / Long Trade

  • A Recent Buy Signal from the indicator.

  • Trend Score is greater than or equal to 2.2

  • HiPro_RSI should be above 55

  • Trend should either be Initiated or Strong

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Sell  / Short Trade

  • A Recent Sell Signal from the indicator.

  • Trend Score is less than or equal to 1.85

  • HiPro_RSI should be below 45

  • Trend should either be Initiated or Strong


7. Stock Screener

User gets access to a live stock screener which makes use of the primary indicator and applies the same to a list of 24 stocks and populates a color coded table.

  • TS - Trend Score  – Shows the Trend Score of individual scripts - 2.2 and higher is good for long trades and 1.8 or less than that is good for short trades.

  • RSI - Above 55 Bullish , Below 45 Bearish. 45-55 - No Trade Zone would be marked in grey.

  • ADX - Concentrate on the stocks which have a blue colored label and avoid the lesser trending stocks.

  • Signal - Primary Indicator Signal for the Individual Script - Buy / Sell

​A user can change the list of stocks that the indicator is tracking by clicking the settings button and then from Inputs column click on the edit button. Please make sure to click on save as default after making the edits.

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8. Reversal Triggers

The system has been updated to plot real time bullish/bearish reversals irrespective of the ongoing signal. In case of a potential trend reversal in a trade the system is going to plot green/red dots to warn the user.

Actionable point after seeing a reversal dot - start trailing the stop loss aggressively.

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9. BLR,BPOC and Breakout Zones


The system has been updated to plot a moving average (plotted in terms of price) which will be helpful in scalping the Index.

Actionable point - The breach of BLR line gives a good reversal opportunity. If one is looking for a new trade they can make use of the crossover while having other conditions to take a trade in check. Once in a trade the BLR line can be used to trail stop loss as well.

Things to remember

  • All scalping trades have to be inline with the original trade trigger as per the larger time frame. For example if there is a short trade as per the 15 min chart then on the shorter time frame opportunities to short the scrip should be looked at and any contra signals have to be ignored .

  • Scalping requires high speed execution and involves more risk than a normal trade. Those with slower terminals , execution speed should completely avoid scalping.

BPOC  Point of Control

The system has been updated to plot a BPOC or Point of Control Line each day on the chart of the instrument you are looking at. Price is expected to be bullish if BPOC is breached on the upside or if Price Opens above the level and bearish if price breaches it on the downside or if Price open below the BPOC level.

Bullish Breakout Zone The system has been updated to plot a Bullish breakout zone automatically after market opening. Price is expected to give a bullish breakout if this zone is cleared.

Bearish Breakout Zone The system has been updated to plot a Bearish breakout zone automatically after market opening. Price is expected to give a bearish breakout if this zone is cleared.

Actionable Point - Till price trades between these zones we can only look for scalping opportunities , a good breakout trade can be aimed once these zones are cleared with other trade parameters being in check.

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10. Automated System Alerts

The System has been designed to Send Buy/Sell and reversal alerts on tradingview. The alerts will pop up on Tradinview window or on the mobile app as chosen by the user. To get alerts for breach of Bullish/Bearish or BPOC zone - one can select any alert function. Any alert function is designed to perpetually send alerts whenver price breaches these important demand and supply zones.


11. Automated Swing High/Low

The System has been designed to plot price swing high and low automatically. They will be useful in plotting Fibonacci retracements.

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