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Havana Gurukul

  • Course Contents

    • Introduction to System Based Trading - Intraday and Swing

    • Trading Psychology

    • In depth session on understanding and application of Havana Oreen System

    • Pre Recorded Sessions on ( 2 lesson plan of 2 hours+ duration will be shared each week)

      • Basics of Price Action

      • Candlestick Analysis

      • Demand and Supply Analysis

      • Instrument Analysis

      • Multi Time Frame Analysis

      • Futures and Options Trading + Greeks

      • Commodities Trading - Crude and Natural Gas

    • Index Trading

      • Scalping

      • Component Analysis

  • Benefits

    • Monthly Access to Havana Oreen Indicator , Live Stock Screener and Havana Live Bid Stock Setups. Members will get access to my daily stock selection as well.

    • Will share the stock options trades I am taking in the group with the students.

    • The training will heavily use concepts of my proprietary system and post completion one needs to subscribe to the indicator. The source code , design elements will not be shared - only detailed sessions will be taken to make the user understand how to use it properly. Those who do not wish to subscribe to the system in future , a manual setup will be shared as well.

  • Requirements

    • Basic Understanding of Stock Market with minimum 1 year experience

    • Trading View Account

    • A fresh unbiased mind

  • Mode

    • Sessions on Zoom on Sundays

    • Duration of the Program 1 Month

System trading mentorship